In memoriam

Death of José Carlos Resende, Vice-President of the UEHJ and Former President of the OSAE


We learned with deep sadness of the death of our colleague, faithful friend and historical figure of the UIHJ, José Carlos Resende, following a long illness.

José Carlos entered the history of the UIHJ at the end of the 1990s when he was President of the Order of Solicitadores of Portugal, which later became the Order of Solicitadores and Enforcement Agents of Portugal (OSAE), a position he held twice, for nearly 20 years, until 2021.

A man of action, he won the many battles he led to bring the profession of Solicitador into the 21st century, in particular by broadening its functions by the installation on 15 September 2003 of the profession of Solicitador of Enforcement. Thanks to its work, the profession of Solicitador and enforcement agent in Portugal is among the most modern within the UIHJ and the European Union of Judicial Officers (UEHJ), and it is regularly shown as an example, particularly in the field of training or high technologies.

Cultivated and refined, a man of great convictions, very combative, and intervening whenever it seemed necessary to do so, President Resende has always been one of the most ardent defenders of the UIHJ, making him the one of the essential pillars of our organisation and of the profession of judicial officer in the world.

When the UEHJ was created, which he strongly hoped for, he was appointed Vice-President. He held this position at the time of his death.

José Carlos Resende has always been there. He was always available and entirely devoted to the UIHJ, like the year when, a few days before the Spring Council of the UIHJ, the host country having had to withdraw, he welcomed the UIHJ at short notice in Lisbon, deploying treasures of energy, transforming what promised to be a catastrophe into one of the most successful and best organised Spring Councils of the UIHJ in its long history, leaving wonderful memories for all participants.

Weakened by illness, but always giving news, we all hoped for a recovery, not knowing that he was fighting his last battle.

We send our most sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

A great man has just left us. The UIHJ and the UEHJ are infinitely grateful to him for all his actions. We will never forget him.