Invitation for participation in Transnational Trainings for Enforcement Agents, deputy enforcement agents and data officers working at the office of an enforcement agent on Data protection in civil enforcement



The EU-funded project PACE “Creating Privacy Awareness in Civil Enforcement” examines the intersection of civil enforcement and data protection and aims to contribute to the effective and coherent application of EU data protection law in civil enforcement procedures.

The PACE Project is launching  free-of-charge on-line training seminars  for enforcement agents and/or their staff on a national and transnational level for the EU member states and EU candidate countries.

The trainings are provided jointly with the International Union of Enforcement Officers (UIHJ), the European Union of Enforcement Officers (UEHJ). It will be organised with the cooperation of national Chambers and enforcement authorities and will be held by national and international experts that are mainly enforcement officers and GDPR experts that passed a TOT on Data Protection provided by the PACE Project earlier this year.

The PACE training seminars


  • to offer practical and applied skills to enforcement agents or professionals exercising enforcement duties on data protection issues in civil enforcement.

Who is it for?

  • Enforcement Agents,
  • deputy enforcement agents,
  • data officers working at the office of an enforcement agent,
  • civil servants exercising enforcement duties,
  • supervisory bodies of enforcement agents,
  • other authorities involved in GDPR directly or indirectly related to enforcement,
  • Ministry of Justice officials

Selection criteria:

  • A good understanding of the work of enforcement agents;
  • Involvement with data protection or interest to learn about it;
  • Potential to use the knowledge transferred through the training (eg transfer in office, profession etc)

Format of seminars:

  • Transnational: each seminar will bring together enforcement officers from at least two to three EU member states to allow exchange of experience and best practice
  • Practical: the seminars will focus on practical and applied skills which are relevant to the everyday work of enforcement agents
  • Interactive: the seminars will include practical exercises and work in groups
  • Linguistically accessible: Simultaneous interpretation into national languages will be available
  • A minimum of 10 participants per EU member state
  • No maximum number

Content of seminars:

  • What is personal data in civil enforcement context
  • When enforcement agents deal with personal data
  • Common breacher of data protection
  • LImitations in the use of data
  • Case studies


  • Experts from the UIHJ and UEHJ
  • Members of the PACE Training Committee
  • PACE trainers


  • Participants who attend all sessions will receive a signed certificate of attendance.
  • The training might also count for professional development points and/ or annual training obligation, please liaise with your national chamber on this issue.

Proposed seminar dates:

  • 30-31 May 2024 for Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece
  • 6-7 June for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • 13-14 June for Italy, Portugal and Spain

Duration: 2 days (10 training hours), online.

You can expect additional seminars dates in June and after the summer holidays for the other EU countries. In case you are interested, please let us know and we will keep you informed.

Application deadline and procedure:
·        10 working days before the seminar date
·        Please apply through your National Chamber or complete the application through the link here.


Contact persons for additional information:

Jos Uitdehaag

First vice-president of UIHJ

Email :


Maria Mousmouti

Director Center for European Constitutional law

Email :