This project “Jean Monnet Module on Multilevel, Multiparty and Multisector Cross-Border Litigation in Europe” is funded by the European Union with the support of its Erasmus + Programme. It is operated by the University Degli Studi of Milan (Italy).

The 2nd series of 20 webinars of this module is organised from 15 March to 19 May 2022. Free, very comprehensive and covering all aspects of cross-border litigation, it is intended for legal professionals, judges, lawyers, notaries, judicial officers, etc. It is divided into three parts:

  • Relations and Conflicts Between National and Supranational Courts and Tribunals (15-31 March 2022).
  • Multiparty Cross-Border Litigation in Europe (5-14 April 2022).
  • Multisector Cross-Border Litigation in Europe (26 April-19 May 2022).

The UEHJ is proud to support this great European initiative and invites you to register for these webinars.