In the course of the 86th Meeting of the Contact Points of the European Judicial Network, a number of crucial issues were discussed with respect to the present and the future of cross border evidence and service of process within the EU, namely EU Regulations 1206/2001, 1393/2007, 2020/1783 and 2020/1784.

The UEHJ was represented by Mr. Ilias Tsipos, member of the Executive Committee and representative of the Federation of the Greek Judicial Officers and focal point for the Hellenic Republic.

Mr. Tsipos, together with Dr. Apostolos Anthimos, member of the EJN, trainer at the EJTN, Senior Legal Expert in EU Technical Assistance RoL projects, board member of the European Association of Private International Law, consultant for the Hellenic Federation of Judicial Officers, and a Greek lawyer, admitted to the Supreme Court, have presented the Greek and European landscape of cross border service and taking of evidence, focusing on the challenges ahead, and the need to engage more actively the profession of Judicial Officers in the implementation of the forthcoming EU Regulations, which will enter into force by July 1, 2022.